About Us

Global Management Consulting

The Tantalus Group is a global management consulting firm. We advise leaders on business opportunities and threats, from strategy, marketing, communications, organization and digital, to business transformation, change management, sustainability and mergers and acquisitions. Our business cuts across all sectors and geographies.

We have a team of consultants in Asia, Europe and North America and draw on decades of practical experience advising CEOs, CFOs, CCOs and executive committees. We also work closely with teams within companies, to better understand the unique demands of working in a fast-paced, changing global environment.

Our differentiator is our people. Team Tantalus work in the far-flung corners of the globe, speak many languages and know how to listen. We also have a long list of business-tested case studies to help you create the right strategy for communication, including straightforward timelines, budgets and measurement.

How we work

Are you looking for good counsel on how to engage employees, customers, government officials, non-governmental organizations, the media, analysts and investors? Do you need both strategy and execution? How about an understanding of global markets, issues like climate change, trends like social media and the great barrier to communication, cultural differences?

The Tantalus Group provides management consulting services that improve a company’s economic performance by analyzing strategic goals and objectives, determining shortcomings or areas for improvement, and providing best-practice strategy, execution, training and development.

  • Head of corporate communications and government relations, Asia Pacific, major pharmaceuticals company

    "The Tantalus Group has played an important role in helping to develop and grow the capability of my communications team. In particular, I found their Advanced Writing and Strategic Communications programmes extremely valuable in sharpening the ability of my communicators to engage with senior internal stakeholders and various external audiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Tantalus' services to any company seeking to enhance the performance of its Corporate Communications function.”

  • Head of operations, international communications, major aerospace firm

    “Wylie Rogers provides management consulting services that improve our company’s economic performance by analyzing strategic messaging goals and objectives, determining shortcomings or areas for improvement, and providing best-practice training and development.

    A detailed assessment and list of follow-up actions is provided to ensure the company sharpens and improves its strategic messaging, while increasing efficiency, thereby improving the company’s operational and economic performance.

    I have no hesitation in recommending the professional consulting services of Mr. Rogers to any large corporation or organization looking to improve their communications management, and in turn, their operational performance.”

  • Head of global editorial, major energy company

    “Wylie is a first-rate coach who has helped improve the writing skills of many people in our communications team. He is supremely professional and dedicated to the challenging task of developing better communications skills all round. I would recommend Wylie if you are looking for someone to help you step up writing and storytelling standards in your organisation.”