Your 2019 Coaching and Corporate Communications Consulting Kickstart

Your 2019 Coaching and Corporate Communications Consulting Kickstart
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Happy (Western) New Year From Team Tantalus!

We are hitting the ground running with trips underway to Singapore, the Emirates and Sri Lanka. We also have new corporate communications consulting professionals joining in Dubai and Toronto.

As with years past, Tantalus is committed to supporting you with the latest insights from the world of corporate consulting in 2019.

Colleague Charlotte Ejderberg Stichter, based in New York, starts the year by sharing her Top 7 benefits to working with a coach.

Lucky number 7 – benefits to working with a coach

Walter Jennings, based in Hong Kong, shares insights on the nuanced nature of B2B Influencer Relations in a new white paper:


Ascend Faster and Stay at the Top with Tantalus Corporate Communications Consulting

Please reach out to any of our consultants if you need help growing your business, or if you need help protecting your company’s reputation.

8 objectives when working with management consultants

Good management consulting has eight fundamental objectives that you need to know as a potential buyer of management consulting services.

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