How to manage reputation in times of crisis

How to manage reputation in times of crisis

Three recent crises with SNC Lavalin and the Justin Trudeau government in Canada, Boeing and the 737 Max, and Brexit in the UK all remind me that leaders need to get back to basics.

First, a simple reputation plan needs to be in place before an issue arises or crisis hits. Reputation is performance plus behaviour and communications. Good communication cannot overcome poor performance or bad behaviour.

I learned this the hard way with ABB Group in the late 90s and early 2000s. And our reputation expert John Doorley brings many years’ experience in the pharma sector to this topic.

Second, stakeholder engagement as a part of strategic communications is vital. In today’s digital environment, that means having an influencer relations program mapped out alongside traditional third-party advocates in your sector.

Our stakeholder expert Bert Regeer brings decades of experience with Royal Dutch Shell and our influence expert Walter Jennings brings many years of experience with Huawei to this topic.

Third, a crisis communications plan needs to work hand-in-hand with a crisis management plan. Too often crisis communications – what we say and to whom – is separate from crisis management – what we do to manage the situation.

Our crisis expert Mark Hooper brings almost 30 years’ experience with The Boeing Company to how this interplay should work at the best of times.

If you’d like some quiet counsel in any of these areas, please let us know. We are always open to a conversation. Contact The Tantalus Group for more.

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