Cultural Storytelling

cultural storytelling

What is Cultural Storytelling?

Cultural Storytelling is about telling a reflective narrative about a brand, and placing it in the context of history, science, culture or the arts. It can also be a combination of some or all of these elements.

It brings together museology, the study of museums, the most dynamic elements of traditional exhibitions and applies them to branding. The result is a compelling and innovative way to tell an organization’s story, communicate its values and mission to audiences.

Museum exhibitions are hugely popular among the public and offer something for everyone. The subjects can be niche or general interest, covering a vast range of topics from cars to ancient rock art. The best exhibitions are no longer dusty cabinets showcasing fusty old objects. They are beautifully designed, contemporary spaces catering to discerning audiences adept at new technologies.

What they have in common is that at their core, exhibitions tell us an intelligent, visually-driven story that brings gravitas to a subject. They use a variety of assets to do this: historic or contemporary objects, still images, film, etc.

The possibilities are limitless. Cultural story-telling can apply to any company in any sector or industry. What matters is do you want to explore a new way of sharing your story with the world?

For organizations and businesses operating in many countries, serving clients and stakeholders who speak different languages and practice different customs, cultural-story telling is an extraordinary way to connect.

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About Cultural Storytelling expert Hamida Ghafour

Understanding people, organizations and societies, and grasping the nature of their challenges requires a deep understanding of social, political and economic dynamics of these places. For 18 years Hamida has lived and worked in the diverse cultures of the Middle East, South Asia, Europe and North America, delivering complex and sensitive projects for world-class organizations including GSM Project, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

As a journalist, author, and exhibitions curator she has worked with a wide range of stakeholders from royal courts to government departments, from international organizations to non-profits groups and universities.

Hamida has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ryerson University. A native Canadian, she is a fluent Dari speaker. She is author of a well-reviewed non-fiction book on Afghanistan ‘The Sleeping Buddha.’

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