Influencer Relations

What is Influencer Relations?

Influencer Relations is the long-term, strategic engagement of high-profile social media commentators with expertise relevant to your business. It is a new name for an old skill – engaging with high profile opinion leaders. Whereas that might have entailed local chambers of commerce, professors, and business associations beforehand, today influencer relations steps deeply into the world of social media.

By engaging strategically with high-profile online influencers, you can get your brand and your products in front of millions. If you are looking to engage influencers in B2B or corporate reputation programs, then follow the four-step white paper below called “Getting Started with Influencer Relations”

Getting Started with International Influencers (Key Opinion Leaders)

High-profile social media influencers have been helping consumer branded products for over a decade. Their sharing of photographs, videos, reviews, and articles have been seeding and building brands. From overnight sensations to long-term engagement programs, the branded products space has made Mommy bloggers celebrities and allowed celebrities to blog like Moms.

The industry is in a fast growth phase as companies move from a campaign approach to an “Always On” method of engaging influencers. AdWeek forecast 2017 revenue for the influence industry to be US$2 billion and predicts a market totaling US$20 billion by 2020.

It’s one thing to promote a new skin cream, but how does influencer relations change when addressing B2B businesses? What is the landscape of influencer relations at the corporate end? How can your company start working with and getting to know key opinion leaders for B2B – and even corporate

Influencers, or Key Opinion Leaders, are present in every industry and across every specialized area of business, from cloud computing to aeronautics. They are professors and professionals who have built up loyal audiences by speaking to them about what they care about most – their areas of expertise. Many
of these influencers overlap with your business areas.

Download your free white paper detailing the four steps you can take to begin engaging with international influencers.

About Tantalus’ Influencer Relations Specialist Walter Jennings.

Influencer Relations Expert Walter JenningsWalter Jennings is a Senior Consultant with The Tantalus Group, and the firm’s leading expert on International Key Opinion Leaders and Influencer Relations for corporate reputation. He developed and led the program globally as Vice President, Global Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen, China.

Based in Hong Kong, he is an American-Australian with 25+ years’ experience advising companies in China, Australia, and the United States.




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