Strategic Digital Communications

Strategic Digital Communications

Strategic digital communications = human psychology + rhetorical devices + behavioural economics + meme theory + data science + the bottom line.

Trevor Jurgens

Humans today are digital animals. We build community and create conflict online. We do business, we buy and sell products and services online. Do you need a guide to help you capitalize on the opportunities while avoiding reputation risk?

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Strategic Digital Communications Services

Training and Coaching

Be it for internal or external audiences we are in a digital-first communications world. Tantalus’ digital communications expert Trevor Jurgens has developed curriculum and delivered individual and group training on the following topics:

  • Social media marketing
  • Effective (digital presentations)
  • Webinars and distance learning
  • Email marketing and spam compliance
  • Google and Facebook Analytics
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Online video production
  • Digital crisis communications
  • Online amplification of events and sponsorship
  • Experience design for digital natives
  • Executive social media

Executive Social Media Consulting

Add social media competence to your executive skill set. Leaders including Elon Musk and Donald Trump are wielding social channels to shape the future of companies, nations and it could be said the future of the human race. Benefit from sharing your expertise online and distinguish yourself as a thought leader. Consider:

  1. Is there likely to be a time of crisis where it would be valuable to speak directly to customers, media, staff or stakeholders?
  2. Is your company focused on being transparent, approachable and accessible?
  3. Do you take energy, direction, and inspiration from speaking directly with your customers?
  4. Would you benefit from hearing customers’ thoughts about your company in real-time and in their own words?

The Benefits of Strategic Digital Communications

  1. Makes your organization more relatable
  2. Puts your product or cause where the people are
  3. Gives you access to the real-time conversations and data about your products, brands or policies
  4. Allows for rapid testing and refinement
  5. Provides a public communication channel to other executives, media or government
  6. Puts you in a position to increase the benefit of live speaking engagement, books, and media interviews by continuing the conversations online.

Don’t dance in the digital spotlight unprepared

Contact Trevor to discuss strategic digital communication opportunities.

 About Strategic Digital Communications expert Trevor Jurgens

Trevor is an expert in brand storytelling in a digital world. He has helped organizations including the Olympic Games, Boeing, and Port of Vancouver thrive in the age of social media. An educator and motivator, Trevor supports the development of executives and organizations into effective digital communicators that benefit from stakeholder amplification.

Among management consultants Trevor is known to achieve tangible transformation. He has coached hundreds of businesses beyond theory toward behavioral change.

Trevor has been a journalist for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) specializing in trend-spotting and pop-culture. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary has completed and created course work for SEO, digital communications, digital advertising and social media. He speaks English, French and Spanish and has worked in digital media in North America, Central American and Oceania.

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