Business Communications Training and Development

business communications training and development

Competency-based business communications training

Many training programs do not have clear objectives, goals, or strategies. Companies end up wasting employees’ time and company budget on misaligned training. Competency-based training solves this challenge. 

Competency-based training starts by understanding what competencies managers and executives need to be successful. The Tantalus Group has helped billion-dollar global organizations create competency frameworks. These are guides that help companies develop key skills and abilities within their team. We tailor these frameworks to align with company goals and objectives.

Based on these frameworks and our real-world experience, we have created several training programs to improve competencies in core areas of communications. Each program has objectives, applicable content, and key outcomes. Managers will see an improvement in efficiency and performance after an employee has been through our training. Employees will be better equipped to take on the challenges of a modern-day communications professional. 

We tie learning to real scenarios and real situations within the company. All workshops include takeaways such as skills, strategy documents, sample methodologies, and feedback. Our training has also shown improvements in employee happiness and retention.

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Our most popular business communications training programs:

We run these programs with top organizations globally and each has competencies tied to them:

Messaging, Writing, and Storytelling

Effective business writing is a unique skill. It requires the ability to express complex ideas and issues in ways audiences can understand. Choosing stories, knowing your audience, and creating powerful content are all required to succeed. Our course will teach your team these skills and how to implement them in the modern media landscape.

Building and Managing Brand and Identity

Start by understanding what brand and identity is and why it is important. Study well-known brands and what made them successful. Learn tactics to grow a brand including identifying and engaging relevant audiences. Building and maintaining a brand has impacts everywhere inside and outside the company. Making sure your team has the skills and knowledge to do this is critical to success. 

Crisis Management and Crisis Communications

Crises are high-pressure times where speed and skill can have massive long term impacts on your business. Crisis management and communications are all about preparation. Developing and understanding the tools, skills, and processes necessary to address a crisis is critical. Our team will work with you to develop the skills needed to deal with a crisis.

Stakeholder Planning and Issues Management

All businesses work with stakeholders: employees, executives, suppliers, competitors governments, and more. Identifying stakeholder drives and crafting stakeholder engagement plans allow you to work with these groups effectively. It allows you to create frameworks and tailored messaging for different stakeholder groups. Our workshops will also teach you how to map stakeholders and proactively address issues. Become a better stakeholder manager and get projects done faster.

Internal Business Communications Training

Communicating within a company is difficult. Employees are busy and they have their own problems to worry about. Great internal communications get employees to change behavior and support strategic goals. Employee engagement is core to successful internal communications. Learn how to prompt employee dialogue, be a trusted advisor, and manage partners. 

Strategy, Planning and Effective Project Management

Learn how to build effective plans and develop the skills needed to implement those plans. Core to project management is the ability to compose plans, understand stakeholder objectives and expectations, and select the right channel. Develop the ability to implement plans and measure effectiveness.

Meet our training experts

Wylie Rogers

    • 20 years’ experience in politics, media, business and consulting
    • Advises CEOs of some of the world’s top global companies
    • Understands organizational behaviour and communications excellence
    • Formerly Head of Public Affairs for BASF in Asia Pacific; Head of Content for ABB Group
    • INSEAD
Bert Regeer

    • 25+ years of hands-on and leadership experience
    • Former VP of Communications for Royal Dutch Shell, leading strategy development and reputation plan implementation
    • Experience in change management and managing the transition
John Doorley

    • John Doorley, a leading authority and academic in the field of corporate communications and public relations, is top among Tantalus management consultants in the area of reputation management
    • A long-time Merck & Co. executive and New York University professor, he is the co-author of Reputation Management: The Key To Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication and Rethinking Reputation
    • He holds a B.S. degree in biology from St. Vincent College and an M.A. in journalism from NYU
Chris Winning

    • An expert in change communication in large organizations
    • Has worked with CCOs in 150 large companies
    • Started in broadcast journalism in Latin America for NBC News, based in Mexico and later in Europe and the Middle East for Sky News, based in London
    • Speaks English and Spanish
Larry Lalonde

    • An expert in creating communications and stakeholder solutions that guide companies through complex social, regulatory, environmental, and political challenges.
    • Led communications and stakeholder relations for Shell’s Upstream (Onshore and Offshore), Midstream, Downstream and Commercial Projects divisions, AltaGas’ Gas, Power and Utilities business, and others.
    • Experience building trust and brand support for organizations facing issues and situations with various stakeholders in urban and remote locations throughout North America.
David Oliver

    • An expert communicator, with a deep understanding of how people think and want to be engaged, whether they are someone working a shift on the production line, an opinionated politician, or a sceptical journalist.
    • Worked in business, politics, and communications for over 20 years. For the last 10 years, he has worked in several senior Corporate Affairs roles for Mondelez International, owner of some of the world’s most famous brands including Cadbury and Oreo.
    • David has advised at the CEO and Board level during times of intense external pressure including having been at the sharp end of a hostile takeover.
Nermeen Negm

    • A senior marketing and communications professional with over 16 years of experience in the Middle East and North Africa. 
    • Nermeen has worked in shopping mall development, luxury fashion retail, advertising, and the telecommunications industry.
    • She has extensive experience organizing events for high-level government officials to enhance corporate positioning. She has a demonstrated ability to participate in and conduct CSR initiatives and leadership development.
George Liu

    • An expert in brand positioning, strategy, activation, and protection, as well as integrated marketing communications, and crisis management, in the digital age.
    • George was the Chief Marketing Officer at Hong Kong Airlines, where he helped transform the regional carrier into a budding global brand. Before that, he spent 12 years with Boeing Company.
    • George has worked as a journalist, with global agencies and multinational companies. He has a strong cross-cultural background and entrepreneurial knowledge.
Walter Jennings

    • Leading expert on International Key Opinion Leaders and Influencer Relations for corporate reputation
    • Developed and led the Influencer Relations program globally as Vice President, Global Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen, China
    • Based in Hong Kong he is an American-Australian with 25+ years’ experience advising companies in China, Australia, and the United States
Trevor Jurgens

    • Has trained over 100 businesses on getting their message through in a crowded digital/social media landscape
    • Is an Experience Design, Creativity and Innovation facilitator that invigorates teams and individuals
    • Led large organizations to award winning digital strategy including Port of Vancouver and the 2010 Olympic Winter Games
    • Speaks English, French and Spanish

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