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Media Relations in the 21st Century

When the media spotlight shines and social media pounces, the stakes are high. The Tantalus Group’s expert media relations experts have prepared hundreds of global executives for a variety of media interview situations. We work closely with C-suite executives, corporate affairs and communications professionals, and high potential leaders.

Television interviews — whether in-studio or on-location — are high-pressure situations. Our trainers will help you to relax, display confidence and deliver killer sound bites in front of the camera.

Most stories in print will appear online, but not necessarily the other way around. Articles today require clarity and a concise story line or the reader will lose interest. We can help you deliver a crystal clear message even under a barrage of interview questions.

Social Media
Bloggers, vloggers and podcasters — these are the new influencers and they may offer a trusted channel to your audience. Yet these types of interviews can be unpredictable and tricky to navigate. We can help you stay on message even as you engage in a lively dialogue.

Beyond the interview, The Tantalus Group monitors and provides reports on trends, metrics, analytics and the changing face of sentiment. Information is power and we help our clients use data to prepare for the interview in advance and understand how media coverage impacts reputation.

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About Tantalus Media Relations Expert and Trainer Darby Doll

Darby is an Asia-based strategic communication consultant with more than 20 years’ experience working with multinationals in global markets.

Throughout his career, he has kept pace with technology and the rapidly transforming media relations environment to help fast-growing companies and forward-thinking executives stand out and gain competitive advantage. He has had the privilege of conducting media training programs with dozens of C-level and senior executives globally.

Prior to joining The Tantalus Group, he held senior positions at global public relations agencies in China and Hong Kong and in-house with Australian telco Telstra. He began his career as a journalist in Taiwan and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese. He graduated with Honors from the University of Colorado earning a bachelor’s degree in history.

Contact Darby at darby@thetantalusgroup.com to enquire about training and an estimate.


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