Reopening Economies Amidst Covid19 and The 10 Precepts of Reputation

Reopening Economies Amidst Covid19 and The 10 Precepts of Reputation

What a difference a month makes. When I last wrote, we were entering uncharted waters with lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders around the world. Today, many countries are reopening their economies amidst Covid19, albeit slowly.

Colleagues and friends in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea first showed us the way, taking small, incremental steps, sometimes one forward, two back. Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other parts of Europe followed, watched closely by those of us in North America.

Outliers like Japan and Sweden have charted their own unique course.

Our Home and Native Land

Here in Canada, we are moving forward carefully, much like a person walking on thin ice.

Our politicians are following the lead of health officers, and the WHO, and ever-so-slowly starting to reveal a plan to safely turn the wheels of our faltering economy. At 7 pm each evening, we beat pots and pans from our balconies to thank front line workers, teaching our children the importance of sacrifice, but also for those we’ve lost too soon.

On the economic side, this crisis has shown us how fragile a revenue model can be. It’s testing the best, from universities to banks and airlines. We’re encouraged to see some try to balance the so-called triple bottom line of society, the environment and the economy. But we are under no illusion that many of those who come out of this will be shadows of what they once were.

economies reopen amidst covid1910 Precepts of Reputation Management

If you are a business leader who is struggling to maintain and build trust during these difficult times, we just published the 10 Precepts of Reputation Management, by Tantalus expert John Doorley.

Watch for John’s new textbook this summer.

New colleague in Australia

On the good news front, we added a wonderful new colleague in Australia, Angela de Silva. Angela joins us after many years in the banking sector and shares her thoughts on public affairs, together with a new free white paper on how to start or sharpen your own program.

Please join me in welcoming Angela and let us know if you need any support.